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Alaya Skin Micro

Alaya Skin Micro is the New and Advanced way of getting Professional Microdermabrasion treatment from the comfort of your own home. It uses a new generation of plasma micro-district discharge technology with low temperatures and high frequencies. Instant suction without damaging unintended areas.

Made with good ABS, skin-friendly, can deeply clean your skin, uplift dirt from your face and effectively exfoliate dead skin and remove excessive oils. Especially used to treat stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

Also, it's new design looks very elegant with a charming Golden Collar. Weekly use will leave your skin feeling beautifully silky smooth, revitalized and gives you that natural glowing look that you desire.

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Safe for All Skin Types

Alaya Skin Micro is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating ABS material. The soft edge probe of this premium device is made from resin and medical silicon, so be assured to clean your face with our wonderful product. Moreover, Alaya Skin Micro is made for all skin types; whether you have oily, dry or normal skin, it will always do the job.

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Multi-function Skincare Tool

For better care of your delicate skin, Alaya Skin Micro Uses healthier suction heads. We provide 4 suction heads for difference skin areas.

> Cupping therapy head: for shoulder and neck massage, it can also be used on back and other areas.

> Oval head: suitable for skin lift & reduces fine lines.

> Small hole head: it has powerful suction capability, suitable to remove blackhead, acne, comedo, etc.

> Microdermabrasion head: exfoliator, remove dead skin, keep skin fine and smooth.

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Portable & Long Standby Time:

Alaya Skin Micro conforms to the principles of human body engineering and handheld design, With USB charge cable, one-time charge can support superior standby time, Only 145-gram ultra-light, compact and portable design for your home or travel use.

Practical and beautiful, absolutely a perfect gift.

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